The Course Wizard enables students at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences to browse and search course information: class dates, times, and locations; course descriptions; instructor names; book requirements; syllabi; exam dates; etc.

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Current Course and Exam Schedules

Summer I 2016 (201650) Undergraduate Schedule
Summer I 2016 (201650) Exam Schedule
Summer I 2016 (201650) Undergraduate Honors Schedule

Fall 2016 (201720) Undergraduate Schedule
Fall 2016 (201720) Exam Schedule
Fall 2016 (201720) Undergraduate Honors Schedule

Course Frequency Table

The Farquhar College Arts and Sciences Course Frequency Table is an academic planning tool that provides the anticipated future schedule for main campus college course offerings. Course delivery is subject to changes, including cancellation for low enrollment.

The Course Frequency Table is updated annually each spring. Please consult wtih your academic advisor regarding curriculum planning and to receive information about any courses not included in this table.

Undergraduate Course Frequency
Graduate Course Frequency

Courses Offered by the College

The following lists include all courses offered by the college, as of this semester. Not every course is offered every semester. To view current and upcoming course offerings, check the schedules above.

Associate's Degree Courses

Summer I 2016 (201650) Courses
Fall 2016 (201720) Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Summer I 2016 (201650) Courses
Fall 2016 (201720) Courses

Graduate-Level Courses

Summer I 2016 (201650) Master's Courses
Fall 2016 (201720) Master's Courses